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Monday Lunch Special at Fernando’s Cafe, the Fold ‘Em

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Fernando’s Cafe knows when to hold them and knows when to Fold ‘Em. On Monday I was walking around outside debating my lunch options when I crossed paths with Fernando’s Cafe on Liberty Ave. The Monday special of a “Fold Em” with chips and drink for only $5.99 peaked my interest. In looking at their menu, I felt like I was in a Quiznos not a cafe. I ordered the Beef Bacon and Pepper Jack.  The cheese comes melted on a round flatbread – I opted for wheat.  Toss on a few veggies and add a sauce and you can make your own sandwich much like the assembly line at subway.  Pictured you’ll see banana peppers, lettuce and pickles with hot sauce.

Fernando's Cafe on UrbanspoonFor $5.99 on a Monday, I was pleased with my lunch.  It didn’t wow me, but it is certainly a solid lunch option.  The lunch specials are different each day of the week, but do repeat weekly, so I may stop by on a later Monday and try a different Fold ‘Em.

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