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Steelers Sunday – Our Backup Pizzeria

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This Steelers season hasn’t just been a rollercoaster for the Steelers, but for the TasteBuds as well. Each 1pm game, we host a small group of people to watch the game and share some food. Last season, we had a reliable option of Pasta Too on Federal Street. However, this season they are not keeping consistent Sunday hours so we are forced to expand our horizons. Thanks to a trusty Pennysaver insert, Lillen’s has appeared into our line of sight.

When I called to place the order, I was told that they are known for their Chicken; self-proclaimed to be “Best Chicken on the Northside.” Since it was a Steelers game, we wanted to stay close to tradition and order a pizza. We were very impressed. The crust was cooked to a nice hand-tossed depth and it was topped with a generous amount of toppings.

Lillen's on UrbanspoonBased on our first experience, Lillen’s is our official backup plan when Pasta Too is not open.  I also foresee needing to experience the chicken, if indeed they are the best on the northside.

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